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I am so happy that I now have a team of specialist

I just relocated myself and my business to the area and feel like I hit the jackpot when I connected with Tech Solutions IT.  The issues that I had were rectified within 24 hours and I was first time client, this is impressive. They gave me so much more than I had called for, great solutions for going forward and fixed problems I was not even aware of.

I am so happy that I now have a team of specialist that I can look to help me when needed, which is critical for a CPA!

Valerie Wall

They do an excellent job of explaining details of a particular problem

Biggest benefit is that Tech Solutions will service & support all of our IT needs, so we don't have to take the time to self-educate &attempt to fix our problems

They do an excellent job of explaining details of a particular problem and/or products/solutions, in simple & understandable terms, with examples given to explain & educate.

I would say hire Tech Solutions during the day so you can sleep well at night!

Terlonzo Amos
Malden Access Television

Tech Solutions has always responded with alacrity and professionalism

Tech Solutions quick response and deep knowledge of all things IT have provided us with the confidence to know that whatever we might need: whether advice on upgrades to our computers, software, or other communications devices; or help with glitches or outright system failures – Tech Solutions has always responded with alacrity and professionalism throughout the 20+ years they have been our IT company.

Fact is we have very little experience with other IT firms. Once we found Tech Solutions, we forgot all the others and never looked back since none can compare or come close to Tech Solution’s reliability and knowledge base.

The answer is a simple one: Any successful business person knows that in his day and age communications are key to business longevity and profitability. Hesitating to obtain the absolute best advice and support when it comes to IT support, IT management, infrastructure services or physical and network/data security services is a formula for failure – that’s why we are so positive on recommending TS to anyone who wants to succeed.

Andy Burns
The Burns Companies

Availability and Attention, you never have to wait terribly long for someone to get back to you -- and you know they’re paying attention to you

Our old IT only took us so far with sophisticating our systems and not adding everything that was developing to meet our needs --- Tech Solutions has been able to bring us along to meet the ever changing IT needs in a hospital setting and they continue to keep us up with what’s necessary to run our systems (computers /software /ancillaries /  EMR System / Emergency patient safety -- etc.

Just go for it, they’re as IT as IT gets --- and the reason you don’t understand everything they may do --- is the reason you need them to do it

Ellen O’Gorman
New England Pediatric Care

The prompt response time is just one of the many benefits from our relationship with Tech Solutions IT.

Their knowledge and ability to resolve issues has helped keep us going throughout the years, and has helped us adjust our IT needs to keep up with our growing business that has become more automated since the pandemic.  Tech Solutions was there for us with IT solutions when our operations intensified.

Our employees have basic knowledge about IT, so we rely on the team at Tech Solutions, a trusted vendor, to tell us what we absolutely need to do to keep our computer programs and electronic communication reliable, while keeping our data secure.  When possible, they suggest alternatives based on our budget.  They provide the support and expertise so we can achieve our mission, which is to feed people.

Amy Pessia
Merrimack Valley Food Bank

A Rare Gem

Being in the business of video surveillance and access control we work a lot with our customers IT departments and their IT vendors. Jeff Osgood and Tech Solutions have been an amazing partner and made the deployment of a large integrated video surveillance system a breeze. Jeff’s patience and commitment to problem solving is a rare find these days and has been greatly appreciated by our team.

Alex B.
RGB Surveillance, Inc.

No Major Issues

In our industry, we have to stay on top of security and compliance. Tech Solutions takes a disciplined approach that caters to our industry. Since using Tech Solutions, we’ve never had any major issues with our systems. We trust our IT business needs to Tech Solutions, and we’re happy we made that choice years ago.

Amanda Cobb
Mediphase Ventures

Assuring Compliance

With the ever increasing Healthcare compliance demands, it is critical that our IT infrastructure is reliable, secure and in lockstep with industry standards. Being on the WatchGuard system has provided us with the assurance of meeting the needs of patients, and statutory requirements. Tech Solutions structured approach has allowed our staff to be able to focus on the care of our patients, without having technology becoming an inhibitor. They make key recommendations that add value to projects while staying in the guidelines of our budget.

Jack McDonald
New England Pediatric Care (Hospital)

No Major Issues

There has never been a time that we’ve had a critical failure, that I haven’t had a real person addressing the problem, certainly within an hour, if not less. At the present time, we have very few issues.

David Herrick
Kenrick Investment Group

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