Tech Tip: Wifi Printers – Leave ‘Em at Home

Many people have printers at home that work with their Wifi. These are usually consumer-grade devices, and really aren’t meant for the workplace. Sure, it seems easy enough to set up, just punch in your Wifi info, and you’re off to the races.

However, these devices are not created with businesses in mind, they are usually not up to the task. Here are some issues that can arise:

  • The printer goes to sleep after 30 minutes—someone will have to “wake up” the printer every time it goes to sleep, and sometimes it doesn’t reconnect to the Wifi.
  • The printer changes it’s number (IP Address) and now no one can print to it. In which case you either have to reprogram the printer, the workstations, or most likely both.
  • The printer disconnects from the Wifi for whatever reason. Again, no printing.
  • Slow printing—Wifi will never be as fast as the fastest hardwire.
  • Some printers can only do Wifi or Wired, not both. So if you plan on connecting your printer to Wifi, you may not be able to plug a network or USB cord into it to use it direct.

Remember, wired anything is always better. What’s more reliable, a home phone line or your cell phone? So please, leave the Wifi printers at home.

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