Number of Temporary Files Deleted in 2015!

WatchGuard Monitoring

From server monitoring, performance monitoring and network security to server analytics, Tech Solutions empowers your company with an IT specialist that proactively watches its systems and reacts before anything can truly impact productivity.  To prevent downtime, Tech Solutions offers real-time monitoring of your systems. Don’t ever have to worry again about updating your Antivirus, or security patches, we handle it all.

Utilizing remote monitoring and support tools, our system alerts helpdesk personnel that immediately dispatch resources to respond and resolve Internet outages, firewall problems, server or critical application issues, even report last night’s backup.


With our premier WatchGuard service, you can have peace of mind that your business systems are looked after around the clock.

      • Server, Desktop, and Network Device Monitoring in Real Time
      • Immediate access to Unlimited HelpDesk Support for employees at no additional cost
      • Management of AntiVirus, AntiSpyware & Windows Security Patches
      • Real-time alerts when problems occur for rapid resolution
      • Automatic cleaning of temp files on desktops
      • Backup Monitoring
      • Service Pack Installations
      • Server Problem Remediation
      • Fixed monthly fee, so you can budget accordingly