Through the years, Tech Solutions IT, LLC has helped various industries, including, but not limited to Software Development, Book and News Publishers, Architectures/Interior Designers, Biotech, Marketing Firms, Accounting firms, legal firms, Non-profits, Hospitals, Staffing Firms, Healthcare, Expos, Real Estate, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals.

“In our industry, we have to stay on top of security and compliance. Tech Solutions takes a disciplined approach that caters to our industry. Since using Tech Solutions, we’ve never had any major issues with our systems. We trust our IT business needs to Tech Solutions, and we’re happy we made that choice years ago.”

Amanda Cobb


Newton, MA

After sitting down and evaulating the needs of a client, we realized we could save them about $5,200 a year in costs and increase their speed by 2,000%!

“There has never been a time that we’ve had a critical failure, that I haven’t had a real person addressing the problem, certainly within an hour, if not less. At the present time, we have very few issues.”

– David Herrick


North Andover, MA

Implemented a backup solution that allows the client to go back to any day of the year and be able to retrieve any file from that day, even if it’s 2 years after the file got deleted. Recovery time – 5 Minutes

“With the ever increasing Healthcare compliance demands, it is critical that our IT infrastructure is reliable, secure and in lockstep with industry standards. Being on the WatchGuard system has provided us with the assurance of meeting the needs of patients, and statutory requirements. Tech Solutions structured approach has allowed our staff to be able to focus on the care of our patients, without having technology becoming an inhibitor. They make key recommendations that add value to projects while staying in the guidelines of our budget. “

– Jack McDonald

 NEPC, Billerica, MA

Problem – Email server goes down, email stops – Solution – Create a system that replicates ALL emails and allows clients to continue to send and receive emails even if the email server is down.

Our company, E3 Expo, have been working with Al Mucci and his firm Tech Solutions IT, LLC. for the last 5 years as our primary computer support and service partner. They have been an outstanding partner to work with over the years and has helped us numerous times when  our network and PCs were having trouble.   Keeping our network readily available is a vital part of our business, as we manage a $15M conference and much of our communication is online with our clients.  We cannot afford the loss of time or opportunity if our network goes down or a hard drive goes bad.  Fortunately Tech Solutions does an excellent job troubleshooting and has established a backup system for us to ensure that we do not lose any vital client data.

They are always available when we need them, and they know our network inside and out. We rely upon Tech Solutions for their expertise and direction when we make technology investments, and would highly recommend Tech Solutions as a valuable resource for IT support and services.”


Donald Young

Office Manager

E3 Expo